Bank CEO Hides Behind Big Brothers Big Sisters



Gerald L. Hassell, CEO of Bank of New York Mellon, has slithered under the radar in the housing and foreclosure debacle.  Here he is, accompanied by his wife, Agnes.  You know what they say about behind every man….  So, does Agnes support and approve of her husband’s goals to foreclosure and evict families from their homes?  Evictions that violently throw families out on to the streets, making children fearful and homeless.  The children are forcefully removed from the safety of their homes creating emotional and psychological suffering.  Gerald and Agnes Hassell do not care about our communities and much less about our children.  The children that Gerald evicts are homeless, sleeping on the streets, hungry and in imminent danger.   You are probably thinking, well it’s just bankster greed. This is more than just greed.  They are hypocrites.

Gerald is the Board President for Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Let’s think about this for a moment.  By day, Gerald Hassell, Bank of New York Mellon, CEO evicts the very children, that in social circles he and Agnes pretend to care about.   Gerald Hassell, not only are you plundering America’s homes but you are financially destroying a nation.  Gerald and Agnes Hassell are outright hypocrites as you make a living of throwing children out onto the street, while you hide behind Big Brothers and Big Sisters. 


Move Your Money Out Of Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo continues to foreclose on numerous homeowners.  We see the devastation this causes families.  Men, women and children are homeless due to Wells Fargo’s greed, callous despicable acts.  Children have fallen victim to their treacherous evictions.  Wells Fargo rips innocent homeowners from their homes, children from the only lives they know, elderly and infirm from the safety of a roof over their heads.  Don’t think for a moment that bothers Wells CEO, John Stumpf.  He could care less.  Let’s tell grubby old John Stumpf that we don’t care for him or his greedy bank. This is our time to show Wells Fargo that we will no longer contribute to their ability to take our homes away from us, nor will we continue to fund their lavish lifestyles while “We the people” live in poverty.

Please stand with our friends at Occupy Fights Foreclosure, as they host two events. 


When:  June 3, 2012

Where:  415-396-7018

Tell Wells:   “I am calling you to notify you that I am supporting the National “Move Your Money Out of Wells Fargo” Day on June 22nd in support of disabled homeowner Ms. Harolyn Rhue, who is being wrongfully evicted by Wells Fargo.  I have pledged to notify my friends, my family, and the public via social networks and flyers on the national “Move Your Money Out of Wells Fargo” day in support of Ms. Harolyn Rhue.”


When:     June 22, 2013

Info:         Please see Occupyfightsforeclosure.org for more info. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to tell Wells Fargo, enough is enough, stop, basta ya! Please support Occupy Fights Foreclosure as a victory for one, is a victory for all. 


Bank of America, “the connected few”



Bank of America has a new marketing campaign.   This campaign, one would think, was created to clear up some of the “misconceptions” that were tied into their very public and disgraceful mortgage disaster.  Someone was asleep at the helm while this one was birthed.   I swear, Brian Moynihan must have fainted from the exhilaration of knowing that they were no longer the “bank of opportunity.”   Or, was it the smell of more money from their newly acquired properties that made Brian lose control of his faculties, prompting him to sign off on this one.  Well, you be the judge.

Bank of America’s new slogan is:

“Life is better when we’re connected.  We’re working every day to connect you with what matters most, whether it’s helping you develop better financial habits or getting involved in your local community.”

So this is what I understand from their new high visibility marketing campaign.  “Life is better when we’re connected” with the government, so you can continue to suck the blood out of the economy, like a fat tick.  You want to help us “develop better financial habits” when our financial crisis is directly related to your creative and fancy financial positioning.  Thanks really, you’ve out done yourself.  Brace yourselves for this one, it’s gonna be ugly.   Bank of America is “getting involved in your local community.”  There goes the neighborhood and another 50 million homes.

I wanted to share their new brilliantly misconceived branding awareness campaign.  One which can only be view as stupidity or arrogance.  Both are equally offensive.



Recently, there has been much discussion regarding Essex County Register, John O’Brien.  Massachusetts has a new advocate fighting foreclosure.  Register of Deeds, O’Brien has found extensive fraud submitted by the banks in an audit of Essex County deeds.  MERS robo-signer names and signatures continue to turn up on documents.  O’Brien has refused to accept any documents in his office that are suspected of fraud.  O’Brien returns the all suspected fraudulent documents to the banks accompanied by an affidavit requesting a signature to validate the validity of the original documents.   The banks prepare and submits new documents with different signatures and notaries, ignoring O’Brien’s affidavit.  Ummmm, let’s think about that for a moment.

The banks have slipped through every legal snare they have encountered.   MERS helped the banks avoid filing fees that bilked the taxpayers out of millions/billions of dollars.  MERS hides who actually owns the mortgage (chain of title).  The banks have foreclosed on homeowners without cause that were not in default.   These filings create clouds on titles for future conveyance.  Not to mention the new “F” word, fraud.

Which brings me to my point.   While John O’Brien gears up for restitution and his subsequent audit, LandTegrity has created a petition to be presented to President Obama requesting to have the federal government pay for an audit of the National Land Registry.  This petition is important for numerous reasons as not only will it assist in determining unpaid fees that are owed by the banks, but it will highlight and curb additional fraudulent documents.  That is important for fighting foreclosures.

The following comment I obtained from LandTegrity’s website.  “What is a Registry for if not to disclose true interest in real property transparently? If the banks are allowed to continue to hide parties of interest behind their MERS scheme, real home ownership in this country will be destroyed forever. The financial institutions will be able to claim that they are the only place who has the true knowledge of the parties of interest in mortgages, deeds of trust and promissory notes and therefore property. Well, we do not trust banks.” 

Please sign the petition at www.LandTegrity.com.  Share, share, share and share some more.  Share with your friends, family, neighbors and with homeowners that have been foreclosed on.   Please help in getting this petition moving to finally begin to place responsibility on the banks to comply with the laws of each state and to attempt to save as many homeowners from foreclosure as possible.


HB 87 The Bill That Betrays Florida Homeowners


Within our immediate circle of family, friends, co-workers and neighbors we all know someone that has lost their home to foreclosure or is in the battle of their life to save their home from foreclosure.  These same people are consumed by the pain, embarrassment and fear of being or becoming homeless.  Greed on behalf of the banks has propelled this disaster.

House Bill 87 is written to help the banks foreclose faster than ever before on your family and friends that have become victims of fraudclosures.  This bill restricts your rights and is unconstitutional.   Here is our chance to say NO to HB 87.  Please join in with us and sign the petition to stop expedient foreclosures in Florida.  Thank  you.    http://signon.org/sign/kill-house-bill-87


New Bill In Florida Restricts Homeowner Rights


There is a new bill in Florida headed to Florida House Justice Appropriations Committee that restricts Florida homeowner’s rights in defending themselves against foreclosures.  This bill is favorable to the banking industry and adversely effects homeowners.   Please take the time to contact the below committee members via email or calls and tell them to vote NO on this bill.


McBurney, Charles [R]   Chair  (850) 717-5016    Charles.mcburney@myfloridahouse.gov
Passidomo, Kathleen C. [R]   Vice Chair  (850) 717-5106    Kathleen.passidomo@myfloridahouse.gov

Darryl Ervin Rouson [D]  (850) 717-5070    Darryl.rouson@myfloridahouse.gov
Diaz, Jr., Manny [R]    (850) 717-5103    many.diaz@myfloridahouse.gov
Kerner, Dave [D]    (850) 717-5103    dave.kerner@myfloridahouse.gov
La Rosa, Mike [R]    (850) 717-5087    mike.larosa@myfloridahouse.gov
Mayfield, Debbie [R]    (850) 717-5042    Debbie.mayfield@myfloridahouse.gov
Metz, Larry [R]    (850) 717-5032    larry.metz@myfloridahouse.gov
Moskowitz, Jared Evan [D]    (850) 717-5097    jared.moskowitz@myfloridahouse.gov
Pilon, Ray [R]    (850) 717-5072    ray.pilon@myfloridahouse.gov
Schwartz, Elaine J. [D]    (850) 717-5099    Elaine.schwartz@myfloridahouse.gov
Slosberg, Irving “Irv” [D]    (850) 717-5091    irving.slosberg@myfloridahouse.gov
Van Zant, Charles E. [R]   (850) 717-5019    Charles.vanzant@myfloridahouse.gov

Together we make a difference.  Stand Strong Against Foreclosure



We put President Obama and his family back in their house.   Now it is time for the President to put us back in our homes!   By standing up to the banks, uniting and seeking support from elected officials and governmental agencies we will make a greater impact at stopping the banks from taking our properties.

I feel it is important to continue to support and sign individual campaigns for anyone petitioning their mortgage holder to stop their foreclosure.  I would urge everyone to do the same.  Unfortunately, the banks have shown ill will and total disregard towards homeowners.  This is a widespread disaster that is plaguing millions.  I envision a windsurfer (homeowners) out on an expansive ocean (banks).  No one hears the windsurfers’ cry for help and the oceans are swallowing them alive dragging them below the water into the depths of danger.   Once under water the sharks (bank attorneys) rip into their flesh devouring them.  OK, OK, so that was graphic and ridiculous, but that is how it looks from my perspective.

As one of the millions afflicted by bank greed, I believe our voices have power in numbers and we need to seek out and align with persons of influential power to make changes.  A petition requesting that the President stop foreclosures is warranted.  With our persistence, perseverance and continuity we place ourselves a significant step closer to keeping our homes.   Please join with me in signing the below petition to President Obama asking him to “STOP ALL FORECLOSURES.